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Womens Clothing for Full Figure Fashion

The full figure woman has given the womens clothing industry an emerging market. There is no evidence that this market will dwindle. In fact, it is a multi-million-dollar industry. There are even some national stores that specialize in womens clothing solely for the full figured woman.

The full figured woman is a viable consumer and has caused the womens clothing industry to take notice. A few decades ago the full figured woman was not considered a consumer who could or would impact the womens clothing industry. The larger sizes were not stylish in design, color or style. Perhaps the greatest factor in changing the womens clothing industry has been that the full figured women have come to stay and they are getting younger and younger. Decades ago the majority of full figured women were older retired women. The womens clothing industry viewed them as not viable consumers for stylish clothing. As these full figured women began to impact the boardrooms across America, the need for stylish full figured fashion emerged.

The full figured woman has caused the womens clothing industry to realize the size of a woman's body does not impact her success in life nor her buying power in the marketplace. The fashion and womens clothing industry is concerned about one thing, the bottom line. They will go where the dollar is. Fullfigured women have shown the womens clothing industry that they are not elderly women sitting in a retirement center.

An interesting benefit of this change in American culture is that now the retired full figured women who have significant spendable income have more choices.

The womens clothing industry has come to also see that the full figured woman want to show her shape. All dresses, outfits and tops do not need to be a straight up and down shift or a moo-moo. Women have shapely bodies. This includes the full figured woman.

When the full figured shops began to immerge the womens clothing industry began to realize that the market was vividly there for designer full figured clothing. These shops which have become national chains have not gone out of business, however they have remained and flourished. It appears that these shops are still providing a valuable service in the womens clothing arena for full figured women. The fact that these shops have remained for decades now is proof that this is a trend that will stay.

There is some disagreement as to where the full figure sizes start. However, the womens clothing industry has defined the full figured woman as a size 14 and up. These sizes go to 26, 28, 30 and beyond. The most popular sizes are the 16 to 20, with the numbers waning off after that. However, there does seem to be some evidence of the sizes for 20-24 increasing significantly above the last decade or two.

There are some full figure womens clothing stores that actually start the sizes at size 12 and 14. This gives those who are reducing their size to continue shopping at the same store as they adjust out of the full figure womens clothing shops.

Full Figure Fashion

There are some basic fashion rules that apply to everyone no matter the size. The womens clothing industry has come to realize that and therefore has assisted the full figure women with available colors and accessories.

Some techniques for the full figure woman are:

Outer shirts: This can be an asset if it is not just another layer of moo moo shirts. The first shirt or top should be fitted to the full figure. The outer shirt can be a little bigger, but don't buy huge shirts that look like you used to wear it 100 pounds ago. If the hips are the biggest part of the full figured woman she may want to have a shirt that comes down to the hipline. If the arms are slender a short sleeve shirt might be the order of the day. Always finish the outfit with a good balance of slacks, which give an elongated look to the figure.

Fitted clothes: Too often the full figured woman wears clothes that are very loose and not forfeiting. Perhaps this is to feel comfortable, perhaps it is to be sure the blouse will fit if a few more pounds are gained, either way this is not the point of the outer shirt. Remember shapeliness is good. If you are a large woman, no amount of clothes will hid that fact. However, proper style will make a large figure look very much in fashion and in control.

Color: Full figure women have gravitated to black. It is true that black does have a sliming affect. It can also be depressing and pull the mood down. Color, on the other hand, brings in excitement, joy and vibrancy. This draws people's attention to the style and the confidence of the person and not their body size.

These are some tips to assist the full figured consumer with the womens clothing and accessory choices.

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